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17 Nov 23

A palette of dazzling colors in the Champagne vineyards

From the first days of autumn, our Chardonnay vines begin a subtle dance with nature. The leaves, which have played their vital role throughout the growth of the grapes, are now preparing for their final performance before delicately detaching themselves from the vines. Their summer green color transforms into a range of warm hues, creating an unforgettable chromatic symphony.

Golden yellow tones predominate and the rays of the autumn sun, softened by a light morning mist, give the leaves an almost magical glow. It's as if each leaf is a little flame, contributing to the collective magic that envelops the vineyard.

Visiting the Champagne vineyards during the fall is an immersive experience. Often located on hills, it offers spectacular panoramas. Photography enthusiasts find an inexhaustible source of inspiration here, capturing the fleeting moments when Chardonnay and autumn blend into visual harmony.

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20 Oct 23

Wildlife photography festival on November 16, 17, 18 and 19, 2023

The Montier-en-Der Animal Photo Festival is an unmissable annual event for lovers of nature, wildlife and photography. Located in the heart of the small village of Montier-en-Der, France, this festival attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world each year. For four days, Montier-en-Der is transformed into a veritable Mecca for wildlife photography enthusiasts.

The festival offers a multitude of nature and wildlife photography exhibitions, showcasing the talent of renowned photographers, as well as promising young talents. The images on display capture the beauty of wildlife, natural landscapes and unique ecosystems, while raising awareness about biodiversity conservation.

In addition to exhibitions, the Animal Photo Festival offers conferences, workshops, film screenings, field trips and meetings with wildlife photography professionals.This is an exceptional opportunity to learn photography techniques, exchange with experts and connect with other enthusiasts.

The Montier-en-Der Wildlife Photo Festival is much more than just a photographic event, it is a celebration of nature, visual art and the preservation of our planet. Each edition brings a new perspective on the beauty of the natural world and inspires action to protect it. It's an unmissable event for anyone looking for inspiration in nature and photography.



14 Oct 23

Champagne Day 2023

Champagne Day , celebrated each year on the third Friday in October, is a day dedicated to one of the most iconic and festive drinks in the world: champagne. This special day invites bubble lovers to enjoy a flute and share the event on social media.

Every year, in the heart of autumn, champagne lovers gather on the Place d'Armes in Vitry-le-François for an exceptional evening: a pop-up bar invites you to discover the vintages of different Coteaux Vitryats winegrowers, accompanied by a small meal, all in a festive musical atmosphere!

See you on Friday October 27 from 6 p.m.



09 Oct 23

Crane Festival

The League for the Protection of Birds (LPO) Champagne-Ardenne and the Lac du Der en Champagne tourist office organize each year a major festival dedicated to the common crane, the emblematic migratory bird of the region. The event will be held from October 20 to 29 .

This festival is not limited to ornithological activities, but also integrates cultural elements oriented towards nature. It will include two key moments: the opening at the Saint-Dizier municipal theater with the performance of the Bird Singers, artists mastering the imitation of bird songs, and the closing on the Chantecoq site with artistic groups ambulatory.

In addition to these special moments, the event offers classic activities to discover common cranes, highlighting the diversity of fauna present around Lac du Der, which is home to more than 300 species of birds, more than half of those present in Europe.

The president of the LPO also highlights the beauty of the landscape of Lac du Der in October, when the lake empties its water, creating a landscape that evokes Africa. The thousands of common cranes that take flight in the early morning offer an exceptional spectacle, comparable to those that can be admired in other parts of the world.